Déli Kapu

The sign is fading on the wall. Long ago there was a gate here leading to the city. People are familiar with it, go without looking at it...



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    Látogassan el kis városunkba! A dél-dunántúli település Baranya nyugati szélén helyezkedik el, a Zselic déli oldalán.

Favourite dishes of our guests

MC Slink
Grilled pork chop with rosemary mushroom sauce

Péter Solymosi
Roasted spare ribs with red wine and sagebrush stew and spicy potatoes

Zsuzsi Hoffer
Roasted spare ribs with mustard-marjoram-spring onion stew

They said about us

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    "High quality serving, friendly atmophere."

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    "Tasty and stylish specialties."

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    "High variety of abundant dishes"