The history of Déli Kapu (Southern Gate)

In time of war this gate was closed and barricaded so that the enemies could not find any weak point when attacking the city. This was a tradition in the era of Bálint Török, Márkó Horváth and later of Miklós Zrínyi.

But when peace arrived, the Southern Gate had a much more important task to fulfill. If it was open, everyone knew that the war was over. Life started to flourish, merchants, travellers, diplomats, traders started to emerge through the gate into the city, so they could continue their journey to Balaton, to Styria or to the South.

Because this gate was more than a simple passageway. This gate opened way to the Southern Ends and later to Croatia and other countries of the Balkan. It welcomed refugees, connected people and families. Habits, thoughts and knowledge were flowing through this gate - Southern Gate was the gate of peace, freedom and welfare.

Our restaurant is trying to follow this tradition. We offer a wide selection of dishes in Mediterranean style with a hint of Hungarian flavour. According to our plans, this is going to be a place where confilcts of generations, eras and thoughts will be solved and new connections will be made in a calm and familiar environment.

While respecting old traditions, Déli Kapu Restaurant is also passionate about modernity and welcomes everyone to come and enjoy great meals and good company.

Contact & Opening times

Déli Kapu Restaurant
14 Rákóczi Street Szigetvár 7900
Phone number: +36 (30) 7575-444
Opening times:
- Monday 11:00-16:00
- Tuesday 11:00-20:00
- Wednesday 11:00-20:00
- Thursday 11:00-20:00
- Friday 11:00-21:00
- Saturday 11:30-21:00
- Sunday Closed